A Cat may be among ex-Pope’s Perks

According to USA Today (March 1): “Benedict XVI, no-longer-pope, is resuming pleasures once crowded out of his stressful life: Reading, strolling in the gardens, and playing the piano, according to the Vatican. So, can the pontiff emeritus finally have a cat again? ….”

I certainly hope so. But not Poppet. She is my cat, and she is not available for relocation or any new appointment — no matter with whom.

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3 Responses to A Cat may be among ex-Pope’s Perks

  1. lisanicholasphd says:

    I hope he’ll have a cat AND a piano! There used to be plenty of spare cats in Rome — in the Colosseum — before they were cleaned out. I wonder if they’ve “grown back”?


  2. What a lovely tortie! A parishioner here in the Bournemouth Ordinariate Group has a cat named Poppet. They could be kin!
    I mean her cat, of course.

    There are still loads of stray cats about in Rome, Lisa. On holiday there in 2008, which of course included a Papal audience, my daughter, also a Cat, ‘adopted’ one living in a cemetery, naming it Gingersnap. We promised her she could have her own one day. Thus, once we moved from Hertfordshire down here to Dorset, she selected her own Gingersnap from a litter in Hamworthy, who gets on quite well with Bailey, our Hemel Hempstead reared ragdoll.


    • lisanicholasphd says:

      I think Italian cats must be some of the happiest in the world. I once saw a cat basking in the sun on someone’s terrace in Assisi and thought, “Oh, wouldn’t I love to trade places with you, cat!”


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