Imperial Nudity

“The new ideology was that you could have excellence without selection. Try that one on Manchester United or the Berlin Philharmonic.” (From a Spectator book review, March 28, 2015).

We select, we make choices – and we teach our children to do so. We want them to know a fine vintage from vin ordinaire, poetry from doggerel, real diamonds from paste, eloquence from incoherence, the wise from the foolish, the intellectually and morally rewarding from the merely meretricious, to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff.  We want them to make good enriching, rewarding and life-enhancing choices.

In other words, we want them to practice discrimination and to be discriminating.

Alas, the transmission in my car has died, and it is long out of warranty. I am myself no mechanic, but I know that it is an immensely complicated piece of machinery – and doubtless it will be very expensive to get it fixed. Well, there is a man with a one-man business, who has a work bench under a tree, on the frontage road at the edge of town; and his home-made sign says “Transmissions fixed”. Probably he will not to be too costly. Or I could get my car back to the dealership where I know from experience that the service, while expensive, will be excellent, courteous and prompt. So I have a decision to make, a choice; I have to discriminate. And of course I decide – though nervous fear is gripping my check-book – to deal with the dealership.

Now, that act of discrimination, the making of that choice, does not necessarily imply anything negative about the competence and integrity of the roadside mechanic. But it is based upon prudence and experience.

And the same is exactly and precisely true of our discrimination between the various sexual so-called “life-styles”.  We cannot, we dare not entrust our culture, our society, our children’s future happiness and fulfillment to a project that is based on deception, self-deception, and lies. Who can we trust to be our leaders, guides and prophets? We have no choice but to discriminate.


If you want to study metaphysics, where you might begin? With Tom Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., and advocate for “gay” issues? Or with Aristotle, whose teachings continue to be the object of active academic study today, and whose many elegant treatises and dialogues were described by Cicero as “a river of gold”?


The founder of Angie’s List, Angie Hicks, has stated her firm opinions on LGBT issues; but what are her qualifications for doing so? Why would any sane person trust Ms. Hicks’ insights over those of the great philosopher Elizabeth Anscomb, who certainly would not have agreed with her?

If you have questions about the ultimate meaning of human sexuality, motherhood, family life, would you first consult Larry King – or Pope St John Paul II?


If you are seeking for a heart aflame with purity, love, child-like and chaste simplicity, where would you more likely find it? In Mother Theresa, or in Miley Cyrus?


We have no choice but to make choices as to those whose opinions we recognize as informed and valuable. So we do indeed discriminate – but that does not in itself mean that there is no significance or meaning in Tom Cook, Angie Hicks, Larry King, Miley Cyrus: each of them has expertise, experience and talent in their own fields – but not necessarily in matters that are remote from their individual qualifications.

And we have to be guarded and deeply suspicious when their attitudes are based on fraud. What’s in a word? The word ‘gay’ has been stolen to disguise the truth. Then the word ‘homophobia’ was invented to attack anyone who criticizes that corrupt lifestyle.

Inventing and revising language for propaganda purposes is an ancient deception. ‘Gay’ means merry and is an expression of happiness. Statistics are quite clear that self-identified homosexuals are anything but merry and gay. They have a much higher percentage of depression and suicide than the rest of the population, even in countries that fully accept homosexuality and ‘gay marriage.’ Today’s word for homosexuality is an obvious lie, and the lie was spread for obviously deceptive, promotional reasons.

And ‘homophobia’ is no better. Who fears homosexuals? No one that I have ever known. What orthodox Christians fear is that their own religious convictions and conscience will result in persecution in this sex-worshiping culture. What Christians fear is the destruction of religious freedom and the destruction of traditional family values and structure … because these undergird all that is good in our society. Destroying them will end up destroying us.

But these fears will never be sufficient to change the minds of true Christians on the truth of the scriptures. We do not act out of fear but out of faith. The Word of God is eternal and so we will take our stand upon it, victims of discrimination though we are and will be. The Religious Freedom Restoration legislation, in its original intent, is absolutely necessary and eminently just.

Some may question the status of those who uphold traditional Catholic and Christian standards. Michael Gove was, until recently, the Minister of Education in the British government. In the Spectator magazine (April 4, 2015) he wrote in response:

“Well, the kind of people who built our civilization, founded our democracies, developed our modern ideas of rights and justice, ended slavery, established universal education and who are, even as I write, in the forefront of the fight against poverty, prejudice and ignorance…” And Gove adds that: “It was Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Christian-inspired White Rose movement that led the internal opposition to Hitler’s rule. It was the moral witness of the Catholic Church in Poland that helped erode Communism’s authority in the 1980s.” He concludes thus: “(It was the) deep, radical Christian faith which inspired many of our greatest political heroes –Wilberforce, Shaftesbury, Lincoln, Gladstone, Pope John Paul II and Martin Luther King. There should be nothing to be ashamed of in finding their example inspirational, the words and beliefs that moved them beautiful and true.”

Wait! What is this we hear? There is a procession coming down the road: huge crowds, cheering and music, clowns, tumblers and jesters – all leading the Emperor as he displays his rainbow magnificence. And now we can see the imperial problem. In an article in the Daily Caller, a gay writer named David Benkof presents the solid case for the argument that even LGBT scholarship shows zero evidence of any culture with gay-oriented individuals at any point in history. The mountain of scholarly research also continues to show no “gay gene” accounting for sexual orientation form birth. Sexual orientation is not a core identifier like race or gender. It is a fully social construct. As such, it is a matter of choice. Therefore, it is not (in the current, but wrong, use of the word) “discriminatory” to point this out with clarity and in many decibels, and to note the devastating consequences for our culture, our society, for our children, for family life as the focus of God’s inestimable gift of life and fruitfulness.


So, here at last, at the end of the procession comes the Emperor himself. But look! Were we not to note that his raiment is magnificent and rainbow? Well, now we can see the facts for ourselves: the rainbow is transparent and the Emperor is naked.

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