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ABSOLUTELY NULL AND UTTERLY VOID: Courtesy, Charity, and Truth

Peterborough Cathedral On September 24th, 1961, I was ordained to the Anglican priesthood in Peterborough Cathedral. It would have been strange, I think, notwithstanding my subsequent ordination as a Catholic priest, to have regarded that day fifty years later as … Continue reading

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In this time of political campaigns and manifestos we can easily become accustomed to hyperbole and absurd exaggerations, not least with regard to any female candidate who might be running for office. So what might we suppose to be the … Continue reading

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Gold Plus One

May 30, 1964, at St George’s, Stevenage We received a truly wonderful greetings card from our Parish Family at St Mary the Virgin, Arlington, signed by so many loved and long-known friends, for our wedding anniversary a few days ago. It is … Continue reading

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Elissa Chappell Even though we may never have occupied such space, we are aware that airlines offer “First Class” and “Business Class” cabins (why not Philosophers’ and Poets’ class, by the way?). It now seems that United Airlines is replacing … Continue reading

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